60TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY: Family movie // Vienna

I often see the lucky couples celebrating their anniversary dates. They receive a bunch of compliments, virtual flowers and colorful gifts of all shades of creativity. “Hold on! You did it!..” The eyes of lovers are filled with joy, and the adrenaline with endorphin pours into their blood, because another small but important line has been overcome. 5 years, 10 years … 15 years …

People who have lived together more than 30 are usually exposed to museums, signing below: “They are not crazy! They did it. Really! And they are still happy!”

But what to do with those who lived together for 60 years? No, I did not make a mistake on the keyboard … 60 years together. 60 years of own history. 60 years of knowledge about a relationship. About that couple should be written the fantastic books with the title “IT’S INCREDIBLE”.
Or it’s better to shoot a family film to preserve the fragility and uniqueness of the relationship for ages.

We create a movie about the history of one remarkable family, whose wisdom and beauty cannot but be admired.

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