Colombian Wedding at the French Chateau: Juliana Mizon & Charles

Guess what?
I think if I have an opportunity to shoot the wedding video for James Bond and his amazing sexual girlfriend it won’t be different from Charles and Juliana’s wedding. It’s not a secret for anyone that Juliana Mizon is a world-famous TOP model with a chic taste. So, there is no needs to say that her wedding day was AWESOME and breathtaking. Being a wedding videographer in France for a long time I haven’t seen such unique and gorgeous event yet.

The couple decided to organize their wedding day at the Chateau Challain in France and invited their families and friends from all over the world to enjoy the party with them. The date of the wedding was very symbolic as well – it was the New Year’s Eve. It’s the best time for new hopes, new beginnings, and new emotions. It’s time for magic and fantasy when all the wishes that have been made come true.

During that day it was so interesting for me to shoot a destination wedding video in France. I captured guests emotions and had a wonderful opportunity to raise my glass together with them for a happy life in the new year.

Juliana Mizon looked simply breathtaking. She wore a gorgeous Galia Lahav’s dress that emphasized her figure in the best way. It was impossible to take eyes off the bride.
But… don’t forget that it was a winter time. White rimy and ice covered the trees and grass. It was so magical to take a video of the frozen world like nature became a part of the wedding’s day decoration. Magic and verrry cold to shoot at the same time =)

Before the ceremony, which took place in the old French church under the arches of real flowers, Charles made an original gift to Juliana. He presented her Nike sneakers with the bride’s name embroidered on the back side. Juliana couldn’t keep her emotions and was glad like a child. The bride was so pleased with the gift that it seemed to me that she would not want to wear classic wedding shoes at the ceremony.

The castle was completely decorated with white fabrics and white flowers, which created an atmosphere of fairy-tale and coolness. The guests were entertained by air gymnasts unforgettable fire show that took place on the street. The bride comes from Colombia where people like to dance. So in the middle of the evening was organized a crazy dance party in hats and suits for all the guests. This wedding was like ice and flame. The flame of passion in the midst of the frozen winter world.

Filmed by Alexander Znaharchuk & Kristina Kremko –
Photo by Flavio Bandiera –
Location: Chateau Challain, France –
Wedding planner –
Wedding florist: David Kimmel –
Wedding dresses: Galia Lahav –
Entertainment show: Enigma-Art –

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