(EN) Chinese Wedding in France: Yang&Xingqiao // Loire Valley Castle

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Chinese Wedding in France. Xingqiao Zhu:
«5 years ago, in Shanghai Pudong airport, I was waiting for my flight to go over to Europe for the 1
sttime. I saw her first time and fell in love at 1stsight. But she did not look at me. Once in Paris, I discovered we were in the same tour group. At that moment, I decide, as soon as possible I need to get to know her. 

Before, I never believed in love at 1stsight, but I understand it is because I did not meet the right person. And now I totally believe people can fall in love at first sight!» 

Filmed by Alexander Znaharchuk & Kristina Kremko – znaharchuk.com/
Photographer:  Janis Ratnieks — seangallery.com
Wedding planner: — IRIS Wedding Paris
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