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Do you want to organize a wedding in a French castle but don’t know where exactly? Let’s explore together the beautiful venues, maybe less famous than the grandiose  Loire Valley castles, but no less picturesque!

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The most intimate venue on the list. Its main facility has only five rooms protected by fortified walls built back in 17 th century, and eight hectares of Dordogne valley. Chateau Soulac stands on the top of a hill, which means that it’s secluded and seen from anywhere in the valley at the same time. The trademark of this chateau is its dining hall designed as a fusion of ancient Roman and early medieval French styles, where wedding dinner is served.


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Chateau de Brametourte is perfect for those, who’d like to keep it intimate, but stay close to their best friends and family. It has eight suits you can book for your dearest ones, its Renaissance Room can seat up to 20 people, and the outdoor facilities accommodate up to 150 guests.  Also, it’s the place to die for if you’ve always loved the tales of the Middle Ages: the Chateau was built in the 12th century. The experience of a medieval celebration will be priceless, and the budget won’t be an issue.

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If you ask a Frenchwoman about a wedding venue to die for, Chateau Challain has great chances to be on top of the list. The place is the best match for a Princess wedding. It’s a luxurious Neo-Gothic castle located in the heart of the Loire Valley constructed in the early 19th century by Louis Visconti (he also worked on Louvre extension) with a huge park and a river. For those who prefer to keep it casual, Chateau offers intimate elopements. So it’s the best fit for weddings of all scales of grandeur.

Chateau Challain also made it to the top of the best wedding spots list according to The Luxury Wedding Guide website. The castle owner and wedding planner Cynthia is renowned for her flexibility, approachability, and attention to detail.

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Moving on to the grand-scale weddings. Have you been planning to host a royal kind of wedding, big and posh? Chateau Robert is the best place to make your dreams come true. A 18th-century mansion features a hotel, restaurant and SPA, has a tennis court and hosts wine tasting parties. For those, who prefer a more traditional pastime, there’s an option of cooking classes. To remind you of the lives of 18-19th-century socialites, Chateau features a formal drawing room, grand salons, lounges and a dining hall.

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Have you fancied becoming a Sleeping Beauty as a child? Now you have a chance to make this come true by keeping the good part of the story and forgetting about the bad one. Chateau de la Cote is a well-preserved medieval castle that hosts fantastic weddings. The trademark of its restaurant is gourmet meals with a touch of old French cuisine. Another thing Chateau de la Cote can treat its guests to is a local Dordogne champagne, one of a kind. This venue is very family-oriented, so it would be a great place for celebrating your anniversaries.

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