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I think if I have an opportunity to shoot the wedding video for James Bond and his amazing sexual girlfriend it won’t be different from Charles and Juliana’s wedding. It’s not a secret for anyone that Juliana Mizon is a world-famous TOP model with a chic taste. So, there is no needs to say that her wedding day was AWESOME and breathtaking. Being a wedding videographer in France for a long time I haven’t seen such unique and gorgeous event yet. (more…)

Colombian Wedding at the French Chateau: Juliana Mizon & Charles

We are pleased to present this wonderful wedding film of Sarah and Chris. The couple arrived from California to Le Chateau la Caniere in France for spending an unforgettable week with their family and the closest friends and share with them an atmosphere of magic and love. (more…)

Destination Wedding video in France: Sarah&Chris // Chateau la Caniere

I’m really happy to introduce you an amazing destination wedding video captured by our team at the Chateau Challain. You couldn’t even imagine how beautiful, warm and touching was this wedding day of Venus and Jimmy – a Chinese couple, who flew several thousand kilometers to celebrate their Big Day in a chic French castle. Their guests arrived from China, Vietnam, Japan and Singapore to become a part of the great event and to witness Venus and Jimmy marriage in the heart of France. (more…)

Destination Chinese Wedding in France: Venus & Jimmy

Welcome to the Chateau Challain – lovely place in the heart of the Loire Valley where dreams come true.
Allow me to introduce you Cheryl and Chris – an amazing couple who traveled from Scotland and England to have their Big day in France.

Scottish weddings are always breathtaking. So many details! So many traditions! And so much happiness and love in every moment… (more…)

SCOTTISH WEDDING IN FRANCE: Cheryl&Chris (Wedding clip)

We are excited to introduce the gorgeous wedding of Ken & Sherri – one of our absolutely amazing couples! We were so grateful to be with them creating memories of one of the most important days of their lives – their beautiful wedding day in the fairytale castle.

The couple arrived at the Chateau Challain with their closest friends and family to enjoy the French countryside. (more…)

DESTINATION WEDDING IN FRANCE: Wedding Film of Sherri & Kenneth

I often see the lucky couples celebrating their anniversary dates. They receive a bunch of compliments, virtual flowers and colorful gifts of all shades of creativity. “Hold on! You did it!..” The eyes of lovers are filled with joy, and the adrenaline with endorphin pours into their blood, because another small but important line has been overcome. 5 years, 10 years … 15 years … (more…)

60TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY: Family movie // Vienna

I’m happy to present the pre-wedding video of Jury and Diana, who got engaged to the Lake Como in Italy. To tell you the truth it’s one of my favorite place to shoot destination wedding video and lovestory video as well. Every time I enjoy the beauty and power of nature. The day was breathtaking – both Jury and Diana were amazing, very easy to shoot. (more…)

ENGAGEMENT IN ITALY : Jury & Diana // Lake Como

A destination wedding is an endeavor. On the one hand, the number of options available on the venue market can drive you insane; on the other hand, your vision, plan and budget must remain your priority. Surprisingly, once the right wedding venue has been found, many things will fall into places.

The following list gives you the idea of the questions you might want to ask each place that could potentially become “The Venue” for your destination wedding.



A wedding in France is a fairy-tale come true. After all, “France” and “romance” even sound alike. Really, a French wedding is every bit as good as it sounds, whether you’re a true born and bred French or a foreigner.

Let’s get the bureaucratic nuances out of our way before deep-diving into the real-life fantasy and where to find it. (more…)


That season is really popular among couples who decided to organize a destination wedding. We are happy to share with you the wedding video we shot in spring – a chateau wedding in France of Jing Jing and Ethan. Welcome to Chateau de Challain for another breathtaking, well planned and unique Big Day that I’m proud to have taken part of.