We are husband and wife creative wedding cinematography team. We based in France and available worldwide. For the last 9 years, we were filming wedding projects in more than 28 countries.

We are in love with cinematography and love making films that you will watch over-and-over again and share with everyone you know. Always looking for true moments and a new way to unfold the day.

The combination of artistic images, carefully chosen music and capturing the emotions makes our type of wedding film that touches you deep within. Our preferred way of filming is to let things happen naturally. Every person is different and so is every couple, they all have their own story. And that is exactly what we do as videographers, we are trying to tell through our video’s. Your story about your love.

Kristina Kremko

Kristina Kremko

The beauty is really important for Kristina. She is a libra zodiac sign that’s why she is a terrible perfectionist. She is a true artist that is able to see beauty in everything.

She started her professional career as an editor, that later led on her into starting shooting her own films with her original vision. She is very much detail oriented person, open minded and fun to work with.

She is an experienced traveler and sportswoman. Having an experience of traveling around the world and meeting all kinds of people made her realize that the authentic human beauty is in naturalness. Therefore, her main focus in her work is to capture that beauty in a couple she is filming , their intangible connection and the uniqueness of their story.

Alexander Znaharchuk

Alexander Znaharchuk

Alexander always had a genuine interest in cinematography. He is a kind of a person who loves the technology and the possibilities that it opens

Alex is in charge of story planning, location scouting, project coordinating, production and post production. He is obsessed with capturing the images of life and everywhere he goes he takes his camera with him. Every wedding project he is working on is a unique story he has to express in a special way. His professional credo is to never repeat himself in his work.

He is an innovator and a visionary, that lives in a world of infinite ideas and always able to bring them into reality. His true purpose in life is to serve people through what he does best which is making outstanding exceptional and memorable films.

Wedding videographer in Prague
We together

We have been together for 12 years with pleasure and mutual understanding. We create “Znaharchuk studio” –  Destination Wedding Videographers team based in France and available worldwide.

  • 28 countries visited for wedding projects
  • We are an International Award winning videographers.
  • We had intercultural communications with American, Asian and European couples and speak  4 languages: Russian, Czech, Polish, English.